The odd one out

Some people are born to rule, some are followers….but in between these two categories are a lot who are neither leaders nor followers…. they are the odd one out. Are you one of them?

Well to these people the world is a magic show. A place of wonder and beauty. Every little leaf, the tiniest flower, the dark sky with twinkling stars, everything is magic.

For the odd one outs, bondage to the mundane is a torture. They find it impossible to digest the politics and wrongs of the world and intend to put things right. Are you one of them?

It is fine to be the odd one out, or even being the common born leader or follower category. Every kind adds to the spice of life . So , if you are one of the odd ones , it’s simply fine… for you have the true wealth of the world. The scope to explore life to its limits. There is an ever widening horizon a beckoning you for an adventure. Simply get started ….. on….. Whatever your heart yearns for.

Emerge on your path to success


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