Happiness is in the Present

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“Always hold fast to the present. Every situation, indeed every moment, is of infinite value, for it is the representative of a whole eternity.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Searching for spectacles which is perched on top of the head is a story we have all heard at some point of time or the other. Almost everyone we meet is seeking happiness through various pursuits and finding it a mirage. True joy, like the spectacle on the head, is with us at the present moment. It is to be found in the work which we do in every moment of our life. Utilizing the present moment effectively is the secret of everlasting bliss.

“Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time — past and future — the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.” ― Eckhart Tolle

It is through the awareness of the present moment, without letting our mind drift into the sadness of the past or the worries of future, that we can handle the reality at hand and solve problems efficiently with a smile. Once a person is aware of the task at hand and completes it with dedication and care, the worries of tomorrow vanish like a puff of smoke. The flow of life becomes easy and joyful. It is the present action that guarantees happiness here and now. Happiness of the future is uncertain but the happiness of the present is certain, so we must enjoy our happiness now.

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” — Mother Teresa

Silent conversations with the Almighty give us strength of mind and removes obstacles that come in the path of true happiness. Living in the present and completing the work at hand with joy is what makes the journey of life a satisfying and fruitful one.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha

Snapshots from the Second Wave

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The helpless girl cried for help,
Her dad was on  the death bed.
She waited outside the hospital,
Pleading for a doctor’s aid.

Her dad gasped for air,
The virus choked his lungs.
The oxygen in atmosphere ,
Was not sufficient.

The doctors inside were busy,
Preparing for a minister’s visit.
The wards were being cleaned,
As they prepared his covid kit.

He was the minister of health,
They were dependent on him;
For their promotion and wealth.
So, things should be clean and prim.

The critical patients waited,
Patiently for their turn.
Her father lost the battle,
The daughter lost her all.

As she grieved her father’s loss,
The cameras turned to her.
Curious jurnos and janta,
Captured her grief and fear.

The daughter beyond her grief,
Lashed out at the heartless crowd.
Can they bring him back for her?
She wailed long and loud.

The minister came out that moment,
The docs could now attend.
To the dying and dead patients,
The minister walked past her rant.

This is what happens,
When ministers are allowed.
To have their own way,
And rise above the crowd.

The ministers are for serving,
Not for acting as a lord,
They must be made accountable,
For failing to keep their word.

Pressure and performance ,
Run hand in hand ;
It’s the same for the ministers,
And they owe it to the motherland.

To the ones who wish upon the Stars


To you, with love.

Dear admirer
I am certain you know me. You and I have been associates for longer than the length of time. And lately, we have been quite a good bunch of companions too.

Your company has been comforting, I must admit. I love the way you sing me to sleep; your voice, though teared up at alternative seconds shall always remain as one of the most melodious voices amidst the stellars. The fireballs embedded in my blanket love to dance at your beats.

Your secrets are well safeguarded, enclosed in pockets made up of stars and tucked in each galaxy which knows your name.
I have in place, the childhood dreams you threw here and there in my skies; they remember their owner still, whispering your name in my ears ever so often.

Your loved ones lie gaurded and sheltered in my lap. They love to…

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Learning Through Tears..

Learn from your foremothers,
Learn from their tears.
To stand for your rights,
Through your doubts and fears.

The age old traditions,
Which suffocate women’s lives.
And snatch happiness ‘n’ freedom,
From mothers and the wives.

Those oppressions of women,
Should be stopped right  now.
All dregs woven into society
Must exit with a bow.

It’s time for exploiters to perceive;
That fooling some forever is fine.
Or fooling  all for sometime is possible,
But never all for all time.

May God empower good people,
Irrespective of what they be.
May God remove all injustice,
That degrade the society.  

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Common Comparisons

An as…as simile or an idiomatic simile compares two things having some common characteristics.


as active as quicksilver.

as afraid as a grasshopper.

as ageless as the sun.

as agile as a cat.

as agile as a monkey.

as alert as a bird in springtime .

as alert nas a chamois.

as  alike as two peas in a pod.

as alone as Crusoe.

as ambitious as Lady Macbeth.

as ambitious as the devil.

as ancient as the stars.

as angry as a wasp.

as far apart as the poles.

as arid as a desert.

as artificial as clockwork.

as audacious as the day.

as awful as justice.

as  awful as silence.

as awkward as a cow on ice.


as bad as an itch.

as bald as a coot.

as bald as an egg.

as bare as winter.

as bare as a stone.

as barren as winter rain.

as bashful as a schoolgirl.

as beautiful as the sunset.

as beautiful as a rainbow.

as bent as a bercow. (John Bercow, very corrupt)

as big as bus.

s big as an elephant.

as big as a whale.

as bitter as gall.

as bitter as hemlock.

as bitter as wormwood.

as black as ebony.

as black as a starless night.

as black as soot.

as black as Erebus. (personification of darkness in Greek mythology)

as black as a sweep.

as black as pitch.

as blind as a mole.

as blind as ignorance.

as blith as May. (casual and cheerful)

as bold as brass.

as boundless as the ocean.

as brainless as a chimpanzee.

as brave as Achilles.( Greatest of all Greek warriors. Hero of Trojan War)

as brave as a lion.

as brief as time.

as brief as a dream.

as bright as a new shilling/ penny.

as bright as a button.

as brilliant as a diamond/ stars/ mirror.

as bright as a new pin.

as brisk as a flea.

as brisk as butterfly.

as brisk as a bailiff. (an official in law court who keeps order)

as brittle as a glass.

as brittle as biscuit.

as broad as Heaven’s expanse.

as brown as a bun.

as brown as a berry.

as brown as hazelnuts.

as buoyant as wings.

as busy as a beaver.

as busy as a bee.


as calm as summer sea.

as calm as glass.

as calm as death.

as calm as a millpond.

as candid as mirrors.

as careless as the wind.

as cautious as a fox.

as cautious as a scot.

as cautious as serpents.

as certain as sunrise.

as certain as Christmas.

as changeable as the moon.

as chaste as a lily.

as chaste as Minerva. (Goddess of wisdom)

as cheap as dirt.

as cheap as lies.

as cheeky as a monkey.

as cheeky as a young bantam cock.

as cheerful as the birds.

as cheerful as the sun.

as cheerless as the grave.

as cherry as a sunbeam.

as chill as death.

as chilly as a tomb.

as chubby as a cherub.

as clammy as death.

as clear as a bell.

as clean as a whistle.

as clean as a Dutch oven.

as clean as a new pin.

as clear as crystal.

as clear as daylight.

as clear as mud. (irony)

as clever as paint.

as clumsy as a bear.

as coarse a hemp.

as coarse as fustian.

as cold as a dog’s nose.

as cold as a corpse.

as cold as a frog.

as cold as ice.

as comfortable as coin.

as common as pin.

as common as poverty.

as common as dirt.

as cool as a cucumber.

as complacent as a cat.

as confident as Hercules.

as confident as justice.

as conscientious as a dog.

as consoling as night.

as constant as the sun.

as contagious as a yawn.

as contrary as light and darkness.

as contrary as black and white.

as convincing as multiplication table.

as cool as a cucumber.

as costly as an election.

as cosy as the nest.

as countless ass desert sands .

as countless as stars.

as countless as hairs on the head.

as cowardly as a wild duck.

as crafty as a fox.

as credulous as a child.

as crisp as bank notes.

as crooked as corkscrew.

as cruel as winter.

as cruel as death.

as cruel as Media.

as cunning as a fox.

as cunning as a monkey.

as curious as a fish.


as dangerous as machine guns.

as dark as midnight.

as dark as dungeon.

as dead as mutton.

as dead as wood.

as dead as a doornail.

as dead as a dodo.

as deaf as a post.

as deaf as a beetle.

as deaf ass billows.

as deceitful as the devil.

as deceptive as the mirage.

as deep as despair.

as deep as hell.

 as deep as the sea.

as dejected as a wet hen.

as delicious as a dream.

as delicious as the forbidden fruit.

as desolate as a tomb.

as devoted as a dog.

as difficult as a Greek puzzle.

as different as chalk from cheese.

as dirty as a hog.

as disappointing as wet gunpowder.

as dismal as a hearse.

as distant as the horizon.

as dizzy as a goose.

as docile as a lamb.

as dreadful as a gathering storm.

as dreary as an empty house.

as drunk as a top.

as drunk as a beggar.

as dry as a bone.

as dry as dust.

as dull as dishwasher.

as dumb as an oyster.


as eager as a bridegroom.

as easy as A.B.C.

as easy as an apple-pie.

as easy as a lie.

as elastic as a caterpillar.

as eloquent as Cicero.

as elusive as quicksilver.

as empty as space.

as empty as an idiots mind.

as enticing as a riddle.

as essential as the dew.

as expensive as glory


as fabulous as Alladin’s ring.

as faint as the hum of distant bees.

as fair as truth.

as fair as the morn.

as faithful as a dog.

as faithful as the sun.

as faithless as fair weather.

as false as dice.

as familiar as oath.

as  familiar as a popular song.

as far as the poles asunder.

as fast as light.

as fast as a storm.

as fast as an eagle.

as fat as a pig.

as fickle as the weather.

as fickle as the sea.

as fidgety as an old maid.

as fierce as wolves.

as firm as faith.

as firm as steel.

as firm as rocky mountains.

as fit as a fiddle.

as fixed as fate.

as flabby as a sponge.

as flat as a pancake.

as fleet as the wind.

as fleet as a greyhound.

as filmsy as gauze.

as foolish as a calf.

as foul as a sty.

as frail as a glass.

as frail as a lilly.

as free as breeze.

as free as a bird.

as free as thought.

as fresh as dew.

as fresh as a rose.

as fresh as a daisy.

as fresh as the sea breeze.

as friendless as the alarmclock.

as friendly as a puppy.

as fridge as an iceberg.

as frightened as Macbeth before Banquo’s ghost.

as frisky as colts.

as frizzled as a lawyer’s wig.

as fruitful as Egypt.


a garrulous as a magpie.

as garrulous as an old maid.

as gaudy as a butterfly.

as gay as the spring.

as gay as larks.

as generous as a lord.

as generous as a dream.

as genial as sunshine.

as gentle as a fawn.

as gentle as a lamb.

as gentle as a snowflake.

as glad as a fly.

as glib as glass.

as glossy as the finest silk.

as gloomy as night.

as glorious as the sun.

as glum as an oyster.

as glum as mud.

as gluttonous as curiosity.

as good as gold .

as good as play.

as gorgeous as heavens.

as good as gold.

as glum as an oyster.

as graceful as a swan.

as gracious as the morn.

as grand as victory.

as grand as a Greek statue.

as grave as a judge.

as grey as time.

as grey as smoke.

as great as a lord.

as greedy as a hog.

as green as grass.

as green as a leaf.

as grim as death.

as grim as hell.

as haggard as a witch.

as haggard as spectres.

as hairless as an egg.


as happy as a lark.

as happy as a child.

as hard as granite.

as hard as nails.

as harmless as a babe.

as harsh as truth.

as hasty as fire.

as hateful as hell.

as haughty as the devil.

as healthy as a May morning.

as hearty as an oak.

as heavy as lead.

as helpless as a baby.

as hideous as the witch of Endor.(a female sorcerer who was consulted by King Saul of Israel)

as high as heaven.

as high as the stars.

as hoarse as a raven.

as hollow as a drum.

aS honest as a mirror.

as hopeful as the break of the day.

as horny as a camel’s knee.

as horrid as a murderer’s dream.

as hot as hell.

as hot as pepper.

as hot as fire.

as hot as molten lead.

as hueless as a ghost.

as huge as Olympus.

as humble as a worm.

as hungry as a wolf.

as hungry as a church mouse.

as hungry as a bear.

as hushed as midnight.


as ignorant as a child.

as illimitable as the ocean.

as illusive as a dream.

as immaculate as an angle.

as immense as the sea.

as immortal as the stars.

as impatient as a lover.

as imperishable as eternity.

as impetuous as a poet.

as inconstant as the moon.

as inconstant as the waves.

as indolent as an old bachelor.

as industrious as an ant.

as inevitable as death.

as inexhaustible as the sea.

as inexorable as the grave.

as inflexible as granite.

as innocent as a lamb.

as innocent as a baby.

as invisible as the air.


as jealous as a cat.

as jealous as a Spaniard.

as jolly as a shoe brush.

as joyful as a fly.

as joyous as the laughter of a child.

as jubilant as old sleigh bells.


as keen as a razor.

as keen as hunger.

as keen as mustard.

as killing as a plague.

as kind as consent.

as knowing as the stars.


as languid as a love-sick maid.

as large as life.

as  lasting as the pyramids.

as lawful as eating.

as lawless as a stormy wind.

as lax as cut string.

as lazy as a toad.

as lazy as a lobster.

as lean as a skeleton.

as lean as a lath.

as level as a pond.

as liberal as the sun.

as lifeless as the grave.

aS light as down.

as light as feather.

as light as air.

as light as a cork.

as lithe as a panther.

as lithe as a tiger.

as little as Tom Thumb.(legendary English dwarf, the size of a thumb)

as little as a squirrel.

as lively as a cricket.

as loathsome as a toad.

as lonely as a deserted ship.

as lonely as a leper.

as loquacious as Polonious. (talkative courtier and father of Ophelia in Hamlet)

as loud as thunder.

as loud as a horn.

as lovely as Venus.

as lovely as a violet.

as low as the grave.

as lowly as a slave.

as loyal as a dove.


as mad as a hatter.

as mad as a hornet.

as mad as March hare.

as magnanimous as Agamemnon. (leader of Greeks in Trojan War)

as malicious as Satan. (Lucifer or Devil who revolted against God)

as mean as a miser.

as meek as a dove.

as meek as a mouse.

as merciless as Othello.

as merciless as a grave.

as merciless as ambition.

as merry as a lark.

as merry as spring.

as  mild as dove.

as mild as moonlight.

as mischievous as a monkey .

as mischievous as a kitten.

as mobile as humanity.

as modest as a primrose.

as modest as a dove.

as monotonous as the sea.

as motionless as a corpse.

as mournful as a grave.

as muddy as sheepdogs.

as mum as an oyster.

as mute as a tomb.

as mute as the grave.

as mysterious as the sphinx.

as mysterious as an echo.


as naked as the night.

as naked as a peeled apple.

as natural as life.

as nearsighted as a mole.

as neat as a nail.

as neat as ninepins.

as needful as the sun.

as nervous as a mouse.

as new as day.

as nice as ninepence.

as nimble as a lizard.

as nimble as quicksilver.

as noiseless as a shadow.

as noisy as a menagerie.

as numerous as the sands on the shore.

as nutty as a fruitcake.


as obedient as a puppet.          

as obnoxious as an alligator.

as obstinate as a mule.

as obstinate as a pig.

as old as creation.

as old as Methuselah.

as old as Trilobites.

as opaque as the sky.

as open as a smile.

as opposite as the poles.

as old as the hills.


As pale as Banquo’s ghost.

as pale as death.

as passionate as young love.

as patient as the hours.

as peaceful as sleep.

as persistent as a mosquito.

as piercing as light.

as placid as a duck-pond.

as plain as pikestaff.

as plain as day.

as playful as a rabbit.

as playful as kittens.

as pleasant as health.

as pleased as punch.

as plentiful as blackberries.

as poor as a church mouse.

as poor as dirt.

as populous as an anthill.

as positive as a Scotsman.

as powerful as deah.

as powerful as a lion.

as powerless as an infant.

as pretty as a picture.

as  pretty as paint.

as progressive as time.

as proud as a peacock.

as proud as Lucifer.

as punctual as springtime.

as pure as a lily.

as pure as winter snow.

as pure as faith.

as pure as the driven snow.


as  quick as a wink.

as quick as lightning.

as quick as silver.

as quick as a flash.

as quick as thought.

as quiet as a church mouse.

as quiet as a lamb.


as ragged as Lazarus.

as rapid as lightning.

as rare as blue rose.

as rare as a comet.

as ravenous as a winter wolf.

as real as the stars.

as rebellious as the sea.

as red ass cherry.

as red as a rose.

as red as blood.

as red as poppy.

as regal as Juno.

as regular as sunrise.

as relentless as fate.

as remote as a dream.

as resistless as the wind.

as restless as ambition.

as restless as the sea.

as rich as Creole.

as rosy as a bride.

as rosy as the morn.

as rotten as dirt.

as rough as hemp.

as rough as a storm.

as round as O.

as rude as a bear.

as rugged as a rhinoceros.

as ruthless as the sea.


as sacred as a shrine.

as sad as night.

as sad as doom.

as safe as bank.

as safe as a tortoise in a shell.

as salty as a sea sponge.

as salty as brine.

as saucy as the wave.

as scarce as hen’s teeth.

as scarce as feathers on a fish.

as secret as thought.

as secure as the grave.

as seedy as raspberry,

as selfish as a fox.

as senseless as stones.

as sensitive as a flower.

as serious as a doctor.

as serious as an owl.

as shallow as a pan.

as shameful as a sin.

as shapeless as an old shoe.

as sharp as a razor.

as sharp as thistle.

as short as a dream.

as short as the life of a wave.

as shy as a squirrel.

as shy as a fawn.

as sick as a dog

as sick as a parrot.

as silent as thought.

as silent as stone.

as silent as the dead.

as silent as the grave.

as silly as calves.

as  simple as A.B.C.

as simple as a child.

as sincere as sunlight.

as sleek as a mouse.

as sleepless as owls.

as slippery as an eel.

as slippery as ice.

as slippery as serpent.

as slow as a snail.

as slow as a tortoise.

as sly as a fox.

as small ass atoms.

as smart as sixpence.

as smart as paint.

as smooth as ice.

as smooth as silk.

as snug as a bug in a rug.

as sober as a judge.

as soft as velvet.

as soft as wool.

as soft as fur.

as soft as silk.

as solid as bricks.

as solid as a rock.

as solid as the ground.

as solitary as a tomb.

as soothing as the breath of spring.

as sound as the bell.

as sour as vinegar.

as sour as lemon.

as spacious as element.

as speechless as stone.

as spineless as jelly – fish.

as spiteful as a monkey.

as spotless as snow.

as spotless as lilies.

as spruce as an onion.

as stale as old beer.

as stately as an oak.

as stately as a queen.

as steadfast as the sun.

as steady as rock.

as stealthy as a cat.

as stiff as a board.

as stiff as a stone .

as stiff as a ramrod.

as still as a statue.

as still as a log.

as stinky as a carrion. (decaying dead flesh)

as stinky as a pole cat.

as stinky as a skunk.

as straight as a candle.

as  straight as a lance.

as straight as an arrow

as strange as a vision.

as strong as brandy.

as strong as Hercules.

as strong as steel.

as strong as an ox.

as stubborn as a mule.

as stupid as a sloth.

as stupid as a post.

as sturdy as an oak.

as subtle as a serpent.

as sudden as a snap.

as sudden as lightning.

as sulky as a bear.

as sure as death.

as sure as death.

as sure as sunrise.

as superfluous as a fifth wheel.

as superstitious as sailors.

as supple as a snake.

as suspicious as a cat.

as sweet as a rose.

as sweet as sugar.

as swift as an arrow.

as swift as lightning.

as swift as an arrow.

as swift as thought.


as talkative as a magpie.

as tall as steeple.

as tame as sheep.

as tall as a steeple.

as tall as a giraffe.

as tame as a sheep.

as taught as fiddle string.

as tedious as a guilty conscience.

as tender as a bud.

as tender as a lamb.

as tender as tears.

as terrible as Jove. (God of thunder)

as terrible as hell.

as thick as ants.

as thick as thieves.

as thick as hail.

as thin as wafer.

as thin as a groat.

as thin as a lath.

 as thirsty as a sponge.

as thirsty as Tantalus. (Greek mythological figure famous for his punishment)

as thoughtless as a lark.

as tidy as a candy soap.

as tight as a drum head.

as tight as teeth.

as timid as a mouse.

as thin as a rake.

as timid as a rabbit.

as tough as leather.

as timid as a fawn.

as tired as tombstones.

as tough as leather.

as tough as nails.

as tough as old boots.

as trackless as the sea.

as trackless as the desert.

as tranquil as the summer sea.

as transient as lightning.

as transparent as glass.

as treacherous as memory.

as tricky as an ape.

as trivial as a parrot’s prate.

as troublesome as a monkey.

as true as the gospel..

as true as steel.

as  truthful as a knight of old.

as tuneless as a bag of wool..


as ugly as a scarecrow.

as ugly as sin.

as ugly as a bear.

 as unapproachable as a star.

as unattractive as a gargoyle. ( a grotesque creature)

as uncertain as the weather.

as unchangeable as the past.

as unclean as sin.

as uncomplaining  as a lamb.

as uncompromising as justice.

as unconquerable as chewing gum.

as uncontrollable as the wave.

as unfeeling as rocks.

as unhappy as King Lear.

as universal as seasickness.

as  universal as light.

as unmerciful as the billows. (a large wave)

as unprofitable as smoke..

as unreal as dream.

as unstable as the wind.

as unsteady as the ocean.

as unusual as a sailor on horseback.

as upright as a tower.

as useful as a cow.


as vague as a shadow.

as vague as futurity.

as vain as a peacock.

as various as weather.

as violent as steam.

as virtuous a holy truth.

as  voracious as a camel.

as vulgar as money.


as wan as moonlight.

as warlike a wolf.

as warm as sunbeams.

as warm as wool.

 as wary as a fox.

as wasteful as a hen.

 as watchful as a sentinel. (a soldier or guard)

as wavering as Hamlet.

as weak as water.

as weak as reed.

as weather-beaten as a fisherman’s oar.

as welcome as dew on parched flowers.

as welcome as rain in hell.

as welcome as a star.

as welcome as a skunk.(irony. i.e. an unwelcome, unpleasant person)

as wet as a drowned cat.

as wet as a fish.

as white as fleece.

as white as ivory.

as white as a lily.

as white as porcelain.

as white as a ghost.

as white as snow.

as white as sheet.

as wise as Solomon.

as wise as an owl.

as witless as a jackdaw.


as yellow as saffron.

as yellow as jaundice.

as yellow as sulphur.

as young as morn.

as young as dawn.

as youthful as the month of May.


as zigzag as lightning.



As tame as a cat.

As blind as a bat.

As cunning as a fox.

As patient as an ox.

As greedy as a dog.

As cold as a frog.

As tricky as a monkey.

As stupid as a donkey.

As timid as a hare.

As free as the air.

As proud as a peacock.

As firm as a rock.

As hoarse as a crow.

As white as snow.

As blind as a mole.

As black as a coal.

As quiet as mice.

As cold as ice.

As hungry as a hunter.

As soft as butter.

As weak as a baby.

As red as a cherry.

As true as steel.

As slippery as an eel.

As ugly as a toad.

As flat as a board.

As deep as a well.

As sound as a bell.

As stiff as a post .

As pale as a ghost.

As hard a a marble.

As round as an apple.

As cold as stone .

As dry as a bone.

As light as feather.

As tough as leather.

As green as grass.

As bold as brass.

As quick as lightning.

As happy as a king.

 Sources: ‘New Madhyamik Grammar and Composition.’/  Wren and Martin / The Students’ Companion.


English Literature and Grammar

Sentences help us to communicate. Correct communication creates wonders.

SENTENCE – Definition

  • A sentence is a group of words that
    makes complete sense.

It starts with a capital letter and ends with a fullstop(.), question mark(?) or exclamation mark (!).

This is the common definition of a sentence. Now let us look at the properties of a sentence.

A sentence is generally a group of words.

A sentence generally contains a subject and a verb.

A sentence is the largest unit in a language.

A sentence contains a sense more or less complete.

A sentence consists of one or more clauses.


A sentence is the largest structural unit of a language. It
can be divided into further smaller elements or units.

A sentence consists of clause/s           ->

A clause consists of phrase/s               ->

A phrase consists of word/s                …

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Valient Die but Once

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If you don’t stand for yourself,
No-one else will.
If you don’t speak for yourself,
Your voice will be stilled.

Life is one for everyone;
You’ll never live a moment twice.
Listen only to your heart,
Your heart’s call should suffice.

Traditions, customs, society;
Should stay outside your space.
Those dubious norms by others,
Shouldn’t tie you with their lace.

Don’t let them bind you up,
And pin you to the ground.
Don’t be a puppet in other’s hands,
Or in misery you’ll be drowned.

Don’t bow down to others threats,
But hold your head up high.
God will provide wind to your wings
And help you reach the sky.

The world worships only the brave,
And choke cowards to death.
It is our actions which decides,
Our destiny and our fate.

Kindle your minds with fortitude,
Don’t leave life to chance.
Don’t live life on other’s terms;
For we live life but once.

Writing Tip: Dashes and Hyphens

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Dashes and Hyphens

Hyphens and dashes, specifically en-dashes and em-dashes, have specific functions. They are not interchangeable, and it is helpful to learn to use them correctly.


Hyphens (-)

A hyphen connects two words that are closely related and function together as a single concept. It makes compound words clearer and easier to read and helps remove confusion if the two words could have a different meaning if not linked with a hyphen.


  • That’s a high-rise building.
  • She wore a low-cut dress.
  • Read this real-estate article.
  • He made a toll-free call.
  • It has thirty-three pages.
  • That’s my great-grandfather.

In general, compound words are typically hyphenated before a noun, but not after a noun.


  • It’s a part-time job. / The job is part time.
  • That is a free-standing pole. / That pole is free standing.
  • It was a barbed-wire fence. / The fence was barbed wire.



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Friends, Philosophers and Guides

Friends stand by you,
Through thick and thin;
Giving you solace,
Nursing your mind,
Till it gets enough strength;
To heal and recover itself .

Books too are true friends,
The ones you can turn towards;
For comfort, entertainment,
knowledge and advice.
They will never fail,
To uplift your spirits,
When you get your blues.

Turn to a good book,
E-book or a paperback;
It does not matter,
Which one you choose.
What really matters,
Are the words that flow.
Be wise in your choice.

For it is rightly said-
A person is judged,
By the company he keeps.


Apocrypha – Collection of fourteen ancient books of Old Testament, excluded by non Hellenistic Jews from their canon.
Apocalypse – The book of revelation of St. John recorded in the New Testament.
Apocalyptic number -The number 666 mentioned in the Apocalypse as the number of the beast.
Avesta – Holy book containing collection of religious text of Zoroastrianism. It is written in Avestan language and consists of teachings of Zarathustra.
Baha`i – A comparatively new religion which believes that God can be known through the lives and teachings of great prophets the most recent of whom was Baha’ullah in the 19th century. They believe that each prophet was a further stage in revelation of God.
Bhagavad Gita – A 700 verse scripture which is a part of the longest epic ‘The Mahabharata’. It consists of the teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield.
Buddhism – Religion based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha (the enlightened one). The Four Noble truths and the Eight Fold path paves the way to liberate oneself from suffering and attain ‘Nirvana’ (freedom from rebirth).
The Bible – The holy book for Christians containing teachings of God and Jesus Christ. It is a collection of religious texts sacred in Christianity and Judaism.
Catholic – A follower of the Universal Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is transmitted through the succession of Popes.
Canticles -A scriptural hymn song forming a regular part of the church service.
The DecalogueThe Ten Commandments
The Dhammapada – is a collection of teachings of Gautama Buddha in verse. The original version version is Khuddaka Nikaya
Guru Granth SahibAdi Granth– The central religious holy scripture of Sikhism it is considered as the final sovereign guru of the Sikhs. Before his death Guru Govind Singh declared that there would not be any more human gurus and Guru Granth Sahib would be the final guru.
The Golden Rule – “ Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Matthew 7:12
Jainism – Religion based on the teachings of Vardamana Mahavir. The supreme principle is “Ahimsa” or non violence. The three principles of Jainism – Right Belief, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct.
The Kojiki (Shinto) – It is the oldest Japanese religious text divided into three parts – The Kamitsumaki (upper volume), The Nakatsumaki (middle volume) and The Shimotsumaki (lower volume).
The Major ProphetsJeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah
Pentateuch – The first five books of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, called ‘Torah’ by the Jews. It includes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
Protestant – A form of Christianity the originated in 16th Century after reformation and separation from the Roman Catholic Church.
Quran -The central religious text of Islam consisting of the teachings of Prophet Mohammad. It is organised in 114 chapters.
Shia – The branch of Islam who believe that Ali was chosen by God to be the successor of Prophet Muhammad.
Sufi – A branch of Islam which focuses on purification of soul and spiritual closeness with God.
Sunni – It is the largest branch of Islam who accept Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet.
Tripitaka – Which means ‘Three Baskets’ are Buddhist scriptures. This is also known as Pali or Buddhist Canon in English. It consists of the Sutra Pitaka, Vinaya Pitaka and the Abhidhamma Pitaka.
The Tao Teh Ching – Chinese classic text by sage Laozi. It is a treatise on how to live life with integrity. The four principles of Daoism or Taoism teaches – Simplicity , patience, compassion: Going with the flow: Letting go and Harmony.
Zoroastrianism – Religion preached by Zarathustra or Zororaster. They worship God Ahura Mazda and worship in fire temple (Agiaries).