Questioning Traditions

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For centuries we have followed,
What others have taught us.
They are the timeless traditions-
What we have not been told,
Is that we too have the capacity,
To think just as others did,
In the yesteryears and preached.
We have the ability to rethink,
Whether what they taught was true,
We have the capacity to rewire,
And re-mould our minds,
Turning them into powerhouses,
Capable of living a higher life,
Completely different from,
What we could ever imagine.
It is the mind and heart,
Where the real power resides.
It’s time to mine the mind;
And bring out priceless elements,
The matter that maketh God.

Quotes & Notes: William Wordsworth # My Heart Leaps Up

Creative Expressions

My heart leaps up when I behold 
   A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began; 
So is it now I am a man; 
So be it when I shall grow old, 
   Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.
 # William Wordsworth

Notes: The beautiful poem quoted above happens to be one of William Wordsworth’s most popular poems. It professes his deep love for nature and its innumerable manifestations. Here, he speaks about a rainbow, which is an inevitable fascination for everyone, especially children.

Wordsworth’s heart leaps up with thrill and excitement when he beholds a rainbow in the sky. That truly happens to most of us who get stunned for a while when sunrays and rain-droplets paint an awesome seven coloured bow in the…

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Tranquil Nights

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Moonlight beams through the pane,
Casting ethereal shadows,
Soothing my battered mind,
Reminiscent of days of yore.
When magical hands of mother,
Took away all misery and pain,
Transmitting boundless bliss.
Tranquil nights rejuvenate,
Dejected souls in quest of peace.

Who Are You?

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You are light that fills your life,
You are the air that helps you breathe,
You are the tree  that’s waiting to grow,
You are that wondrous magical seed,
You are an uncut diamond bright,
You are all you’ll ever need.

Look within and you shall see,
That very person of your dream,
In yourself you shall always find,
A winsome winner who’s born to win.
Pat yourself for what you’ve been,
And live the dream that you had seen.

Forget the things that went wrong,
Fill your days with hope ‘n’ fun ,
Be calm and happy in highs and lows,
And watch your success as it grows.
Add to the work that you’ve done,
Just don’t give up till you have won.

You are the one who loves you most,
In your world you are the sun.

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Is Santa a Superhero? — Nicholas C. Rossis

Superhero culture seems to play a similar part to ancient mythology, with superheroes being the modern equivalent of gods and demigods. So, you may be excused for wondering if Santa may, in fact, be yet another superhero. Confessions of the Professions has the answer for us, in the form of a helpful infographic. Merry Christmas…

Is Santa a Superhero? — Nicholas C. Rossis

Merry Christmas!

The year 2020 has been an extremely difficult one for everyone one of us across the globe. This Christmas let us pray for the well being, good health and happiness for all. We hope the pandemic simply vanishes and normalcy returns to the world at the soonest.  May this festive season end on a happy note and pave the way for a joyous New Year.  Wish you a Merry Christmas filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity .

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Importance of Leisure

‘What is this life if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.’

– W.H. Davies

Having free time simply for relaxation has become a luxury today that few can avail. What is most contradictory is that people who earn the most cannot afford leisure. Yet, it is one of the most coveted things of our lives. We all believe that as soon as we achieve our goals, we shall enjoy our lives and have all the relaxation that we had missed out in life. It is simply wistful thinking, and as absurd as thinking of fasting now and eating everything later at one go.

Life is now, and we must live it at present by delicately balancing our work and leisure. Our minds need relaxation as much as our bodies need rest. A relaxed mind has the ability to think clearly in a more organised manner and take correct decisions.

Leisure time maybe used for simply lazing around or pursuing activities which one is fond of. Playing games, having chit-chats with likeminded people, indulging in hobbies, reading a good book, listening to music or watching movies are some of the ways in which people may spend their leisure time.

The benefits of leisure are numerous. It keeps the mind stress-free which is a must for maintaining overall good health. People who indulge in games, sports or physical leisure activities have lower stress levels, lower body fat accumulation, lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Leisure activities help us to enhance our mood and avoid depression, thereby taking care of our mental health. Having free time gives us a sense of freedom which in turn makes us feel that our lives are under our control. The chain reaction that follows improves the quality of our lives which is the desired outcome of all our endeavours.

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Most of us would argue that today’s lifestyle does not leave us with free time for indulging in leisure activities. Time is flexible and is the same for everyone. It is how we set our priorities which decides what to include and what to exclude. We often tend to exclude those activities which do not show immediate gains. However, in the long run we come to realise that things we tend to neglect are sometimes the most important ones in our lives. Spending time for leisure is definitely among these. Apart from solitary leisure activities we can also spend leisure time with our family and friends – creating beautiful everlasting memories and strengthening our relationships.   

Leisure costs nothing, and provides multiple gains. As we all know the most important and the best things in life are free. Therefore, we must find time for leisure at least thrice a week to unwind and free ourselves from the vicious cycle of stress and strain of modern life. Making leisure your best pal will definitely lead to a happier and healthier you.

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